Back to Work!

The HISD Office of Special Education Services’ Child Study Division is presenting over 30 back-to-work training sessions for Evaluation Specialists, Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (LSSP) and Speech Therapists beginning Monday August 10th!  A few of the topics that will be covered and discussed in these training sessions will include:

  1. Impacting disproportionality by high level analysis of cognitive assessment results.  Attenuating or controlling for culture and language differences when identifying a student with an Intellectual Disability.
  2. Written translation for Prior Written Notices and Consent forms relevant to evaluation.
  3. 2014-2015 celebrations and review of the 2015-2016Comprehensive Program Improvement Plan (CPIP)
  4. Refining referrals from the Intervention Assistance Teams (IAT)
  5. Introduction of 2015-2016 professional learning options:  Including Twitter Book Studies, Feature Films, Ad Hoc discussions (to provide feedback on policies, procedures and professional development), combined collaborative training sessions with Evaluation Specialists, LSSPs, and Speech Therapists.
  6. New employee orientation sessions
  7. Cross-Battery III methods for Specific Learning Disability identification
  8. Test instrument training sessions.

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