Easy IEP

ECI FAQ for Registrars

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EasyIEP Proof of Identity Memo 

 EasyIEP ECI Enrollment Memo

EasyIEP 3 – 5 Year Old Non-enrolled Memo

EasyIEP Temporary ARD Memo

Acceptable Documents to Establish Proof of Identify

EasyIEP ECI Enrollment Process Map

 EasyIEP PRIV Process Map (Non-HISD)

EasyIEP PRIV Process Map (HISD)

Evaluation Summary Examples

EasyIEP Evaluation Summary

Nurse (Related Service) Training


20 responses to “Easy IEP

  1. Betty Lewis

    Can I have the easy iep website so that I can add it to other computers.

  2. Grace Lazo

    Do we also input the LSSP’s information if we are doing the summaries or do we just input our information (diag). Thanks!

  3. Grace Lazo

    Who is the administrator when our password has failed for Easy IEP?

  4. Nicole Burns

    Who do we send mistakes on Easy IEP lists to?

  5. Taieka Derrick

    I need assistance in running a report/generating a list of students that are ARD’d for related service counseling on my campuses…….. Can that be accomplished via Easy IEP? If not please let me know where and how I can generate that report.


    • Sure. Follow the below steps.
      1. Go to Students on Tool Bar
      2. Click Advanced Search
      3. Scroll through schools and select appropriate school
      4. Scroll down page to Related Services
      5. Click Counseling
      6. Click VIEW STUDENTS! (This will give you a list of students on your campus that are coded for Counseling)


    I am having a problem choosing a service provider for my speech services – there is nothing in the box to choose from.
    Also, my name comes up on the ARD committee but it doesn’t have my title- would that be why it doesn’t have a speech therapist to choose?

  7. Graciela Lazo

    How long does it take Easy IEP to update? We had the ARD’s and the information has been faxed but it’s still not updated. How will this affect the Oct. count? Must they all be updated?

    • EasyIEp should update nightly. As long as the ARD/IEP meeting was held prior to snapshot, you will be OK. Data will be cleaned for 60 days after the snapshot. Good question!

  8. Norma Perez

    Trying to input a recent Intake evaluation completed by a contract LSSP into easy IEP. That system now takes me to Easy writier initially (report not written in this system) So I clicked on easy iep and I could not get to the section I needed ( additional evaluations)
    These ARD’s are scheduled this week – H E L P

    • Treat this evalulation as an outside evaluation and go through the steps listed on the FIE Writer Section of this blog. If you need access to the additional evaluations section Click ARD/IEP Process in your tool bar on the top of the screen and enter the requested additional information. However the Evaluation summary, foundation for the PLAAFP, and the label of the student will be entered through FIEWRITER. Write back w/ questions….

  9. How can I unlock my account

  10. Andrea

    Where can I find a student’s Speech Evaluation? Their new school district is asking for it to be faxed over.

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