FIE Writer

The FIE Writer is a browser based system designed to assist in the evaluation writing process and to compliment EasyIEP.   FIE Writer will also serve as a  data warehouse to support internal efficiency.

During FIE Writer Implementation all questions or concerns should be directed to your Lead Evaluation Specialist, Lead SLP, or Lead LSSP.

FIE Writer Guidance Website


1.  How do I obtain FIE Writer Access to schools that I am not assigned?

To request access to additional schools in FIE Writer, contact your Lead Evaluation Specialist.

2. I am conducting a reevaluation and was unable to obtain consent.  The system does not allow me to move forward without consent.  What date do I place in the consent for evaluation field, when consent for reevaluation was not obtained?

When conducting a reevaluation and consent is not obtained, enter the last evaluation consent date that is available.

3.  I am receiving FIE Writer Compliance alerts for out of date evaluations, but the data are incorrect.  How do I request a data correction for a FIE or consent date that is in error?  Click here to request a change with a FIE or consent date that is in error. 

4. I am receiving EasyIEP evaluation compliance alerts, but the parent never gave consent for evaluation.  How do I delete a referral in Chancery SMS so the student will no longer show up in EasyIEP. 

  1. On the Special Services Referral Panel, Click the check box to the left of the referral line.
  2. Go to ACTIONS (at the top of the screen) and delete the referral record.
  3. Wait 48 hours and contact your Lead Evaluation Specialist to delete the referral/consent event in EasyIEP

3 responses to “FIE Writer

  1. Leslie Crossman

    Will there eventually be an ability to use bold type, underlining, italics font style and the ability to insert a table. I use these sometimes in reports, especially for sections and I use tables whn doing functional behavioral assessments for charting data.

    • No…you won’t be able to add BOLD, italics or underlined text your interpretations. However, if you have a table or diagram that can’t be created from the program, simply create your table or diagram in Word and refer to this document as Appendix A in your reports…

  2. Colleen Jones

    Just want to pass on a positive comment from one of the elementary Program Specialists. She was recently reviewing one of my FIE Writer reports for a Staffing. She was very excited about the report and said it was a great improvement because it was easier to read than the previous FIE and simpler to locate information she was looking for.

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