Private Schools

The HISD Private and Religious School Evaluation Team complete evaluations of students, ages 3 – 21, who attend private or religious schools or homeschools that are located within HISD boundaries. This includes students who reside in districts other than HISD, but attend a private or religious school within the HISD boundary.  For questions regarding the evaluation process please contact the Child Study Department at 713.434.4717.

1. How do I request a disability evaluation?

Complete the Request for Evaluation Form. (Need to update your version of Adobe Reader?  Go to Resources for the link.)

Word Document – Request for Evaluation  Private School Referral WORD

2. How do I submit this request for evaluation form?

Submit the form one of three ways:

  • Save document and Email as an attachment to:
  • Fax the form to: Private School Request for Evaluation – Fax #:  713 556-7099
  • Mail the form to:

Office of Special Education Services

Private School Request for Evaluation

4400 West 18th Street

Houston, Texas 77092

3. How do I receive help in completing the request for evaluation?

If you have any difficulty completing this form, contact Regenia Harris at 713.434.4717 or at

4. What should I expect after completing the request for evaluation?

All information contained in this form is confidential. The request for evaluation will be reviewed only by a team of evaluators in the Office of Special Education. Following the review you will be contacted to begin the referral process, or you will be formally notified the request for evaluation has been denied. The reasons for denial will be listed in the formal letter.


Annual HISD Private School Conference

Private and Religious School Q/A

How to complete Request for Evaluation form (EXAMPLE)

Link for Adobe Reader:


Private and Religious School Evaluation Specialists:

Armin Love, Educational Diagnostician

Regenia Harris, Educational Diagnostician – Lead

Kanisha Porter, Educational Diagnostician

Evelyn White-Buchanan, Educational Diagnostician

A Nell Williams, LSSP

Tracy Delmer, Speech-Language Pathologist







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