Prof Devlp

Spring 2014 Update

IAT District Training 2013

MDR Program Specialist Training

Presentation PowerPoint

Intervention Assistance Team (IAT) Campus Overview Trainings

IAT Overview for Campuses

IAT Handout for Campuses

Detailed Steps for a Referral (IAT CHAIR)

Overview Steps for a Referral (TEACHER)

New Evaluation Personnel Training

August 16, 2013

New Evaluation Personnel Training PowerPoint

LSSP Meeting

August 14, 2013

LSSP PowerPoint

Evaluation Specialist Meeting

September 5, 2012

Meeting Agenda.  September 5, 2012

Meeting Notes

January 7, 2013

Meeting Agenda.  January 7, 2013

I-Station Presentation

FIE Writer Sociological Section Example_No formal speech evaluation

FIE Writer Communication Section Example_No formal communication evaluation

FIE Writer Sociological Section Example_No formal Academic/Cognitive evaluation

FIE Writer Achievement Section Example_No formal academic evaluation

FIE Writer Academic Section Example_No formal cognitive evaluation

 Summer Testing Memo

Initial Evaluation Packet Checklist

August 13, 2013

Evaluation Specialist Job-A-Like PowerPoint

This Just In Walsh Anderson Evaluation Timelines

Focused Assessment Guidance

SB 816 FAQ

HISD Evaluation Timeline FAQ

Dyslexia Roles and Responsibilities

October 7, 2013

Safety Awareness

TYQR – Handouts

Pre-Referral Involvement of LSSP

January 6, 2014

Reporting Guidelines

Developing Foundation for the PLAAFP

PLAAFP Statements Review Checklist

Guidelines for ARDs

Foundation for PLAAFP Example

January Child Study Meeting Agenda

Report Writing Activity

Campus Online Trainings

Campus Online Webinar Trainings


Frequency and Duration Power Point



HEADSTART/HISD Referral Process Map

USDE Letter clarifying interaction between RtI/IAT and Early Childhood Assessment

LSSP/Psychologists Training and Process Maps

Guidance on Use of Seclusion, Restraint, and Time-Out on HISD Campuses

Overview of Comprehensive Psychological Services

Guidelines for MDRs

New ADHD Identification Procedures

Behavioral Referrals Flowchart

Initial Eval (ADHD-ADD known)

Re-eval concerning OHI (ADHD-ADD)

ADHD Identification-Summaries of Responsibilities

Referral Process for Counseling as a Related Service

Counseling as an IEP Related Service Handout

Dyslexia Identification Training

Dyslexia Handbook  (Note:  Appendix L: Additional Information for Diagnosticians and Professionals who Assess for Dyslexia)

HISD Handouts from Region 4 ESC Dyslexia Identification Presentation

Directions for Submitting and Archiving a Dyslexia Evaluation

Department Chair SBIEP Training:  Summer 2011


One response to “Prof Devlp

  1. Diane Thomas, PhD, LSSP

    Dear Drs Wa and Webb, I attended the in-service on the comprehensive model of service delivery and it was AWESOME. I am exploring the blog as recommended to see how it works. thanks for all the good information. I look forward to working with the LSSPs in the district; it’s great to have a team in place for the difficult work we do. Thanks again, DThomas, Psych Services.

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