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Chancery SMS (Must be within the HISD Network to access Chancery SMS)

Are there tools to measure progress for Secondary and Elementary Math?  Yes, Click here for Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry Rubrics, Click here for a Middle School Math Rubric, and Click here for Elementary Math Rubrics.

Is there HISD Policy on the IAT process?  Yes, Click here to view the Office of Special Education Operating Guidelines.  Click here for information on the referral for special education evaluation process.

How do I determine the level of need that would help me differentiate a Section 504 referral versus a Special Education Referral?  Click here to review the continnum of need.  In most cases students in extreme need are candidates for a Special Education, whereas students demonstrating a substantial need would be candidates for a Section 504 referral.

Who is responsible for collecting the information for a Special Education or Section 504 Referral?  The IAT chairperson should facilitate the needed documents from the teacher(s) and the parent to complete a Special Education or Section 504 Referral.  To ensure a timely evaluation all referral documents should be completed.  Remember, the information documented in the referral is part of the evaluation.  The evaluation cannot proceed without it.

Do you have any ideas for Tier I or Tier Two Behavior Supports?  Yes, click here for ideas.

What trainings do I need to take to have access to the Special Services Referral Panel in Chancery SMS?

Take the training SP0146 Special Services – Referrals located at SISHelp

Why does Chancery SMS not print all intervention records for the RtI fefature?  User must only enter “one” record per year in the RtI feature of Chancery SMS.  When you add multiple records only the last record will appear.  This gives the appearence that data has been lost.  When entering intervention data in Chancery SMS always “EDIT” existing records and never “ADD” new records.  There should be one intervention record per year in Chancery SMS that can reflect many interventions over multiple subjects.

Are there presentations I can use to help train my campus on the referral procedures for Section 504 and Special Education by the IAT through a RtI process?  Yes,  feel free to use the Presentation  shared at the HISD Leadership Conference, as well as the handouts (Handout One, Handout Two, and the Mock RtI/PGP Report).

Who on the campus should facilitate the referral process for Section 504 and Special Education referrals?

The Intervention Assistance Team (IAT) chairperson.

How do I access the H_Student_Status Report needed for Section 504 or Special Education Referrals?  Click here to find the two steps need to access this report.

How do I access the RtI/PGP report for students at my campus, so I can see the documented interventions?  Click here to find the two steps needed to access this report.

How do I access the report to monitor at-risk students and to determine if interventions are documented?  Click here to find the two steps needed to access this report.

How do I access the report for STAAR results?

Click here to find the two steps needed to access this report?

Are there frequently asked questions about the referral process, IAT, and RtI and how to document interventions in Chancery SMS specifically for HISD? Yes, click here for a HISD Questions and Answers.

Does the state provide guidance on RtI?  Yes, visit the state guidance documents TEA RtI Guidance Document and TEA RtI Q/A

How do I get access to the Chancery SMS for my students at my campus? Click Here

 How do I get access t0 the Chancery SMS RtI module for all of my schools? Click Here 

Is there additional training for the RtI/PGP documentation process in Chancery SMS? Yes,  take  the training SP0911 RtI/PGP located at SISHelp (Must be within the HISD network to access the training.)

Campus Personnel should  have school-wide PGP/RtI access if you have any of the following roles. If not, please read the note below.

  • Discipline Edit
  • Mst Scheduling / Sbj Framework
  • Principal
  • Student Scheduling
  • Teacher
  • View Only w/ Discipline

To access the “role”,   go through the “Actions > Switch Roles” page,  and only the 6 roles  listed (below) can enter RTI/PGP records.  However, the RTI/PGP link appears only after you open a student’s record.

If there are personnel on the campus that require access to PGP/RtI, they will need to complete the online training and  submit an SIS Security Request form.  However, do not write-in “Full Campus PGP/RtI Tool”, as no such role exists.  Doing so may cause your request to not be processed.  Instead, you must request one of the following roles by marking its [A]dd box:

NOTE: The training requirements for the role(s) being requested must first be met.  The requirements can be found on http://SISHelp, under Roles and Training.  Also, keep in mind that these roles provide additional functionality that your principal may not want some users to have.  The only exception to this is the “View Only w/ Discipline” role; except for allowing access to enter PGP/RtI records, this role is largely a view-only type of role

Special Education Referral Video

Elementary School Virtual Tour

Secondary School Virtual Tour


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